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Prexis Product List

US Made Barrels
Custom Machining Services
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We Recommend finishes from

Parts & Kits
***Cope's Distributing ***
***APEX ***
***Sarco Inc. ***
***GreenMountain Barrels ***
***Tactical Machining***  
Centerfire Systems 
Military Gun Supply 

"How To" Build CD's ** 

Prexis "Legacy Products"
available now available from HBA
(Hell Box Armory)

Beretta 38a
Suomi M31
Yugo M-56
Star Z-45
Semi-Auto Sten & Barrels

Other HBA  "Hot Products"
PPSH-41 Repair Sections and services
VZ-58 Hybrid 80% (Non-FFL) Receivers
MP-34 Reciver Repair Section

*Weapons Guild 
Firearm Builder's Forum

1919a4 ***
MG42 Forum

Free Stuff
Beretta Semi-Auto 
Semi-Only Sten 
Info & Blueprints
Build a Sten MK-II from Scratch

Auction Sites
Gunbroker Auctions
(Firearm Books)
A&J Arms BookSellers 


Prexis, offering build solutions for the firearm builders.

 Now offering US Made barrels for PSL, DP/DPM, PKT/PKM, & ZB-37
(Please Note that we do "Not currently stock or inventory any of our products. All items are custom machined after receipt of payment. See individual items for approx. shipping time frames)
(Approx. ship times are estimates. This is a "One man" CNC & manual shop. Material delays, equipment, and other unforseen situations could extend the estimated times)
VZ-52 and CZ-24/26 Barrels now available.

New PAR-10, 20, 30, 50 Series of "Battle Rifles"
Available 2014

Available in the following Calibers.

PAR-10                  PAR-20                PAR-30               PAR-5
     9mm                           .556                                30-06                      .50 BMG
       6.5 Grendel                     .338 Lapua
 7.62x39                              .243
                                                 8mm Mauser

Design 3D Models

"Kits" and 80% Receivers will be available from "Prexis"

"FFL Rifles and 100% Receivers will be available from "Tec Tactical"

Weapons Guild Builder's forum

NOTE:br> All of our products at this time are custom built when ordered. See individual receivers for current shipping time.

Here is a "New" Source  for additional Firearm Building Components (including PPSH-41, 1919a4, BATF approved Fake Suppressors and more) 
"Hell Box Armory"

Free Stuff

Build a M-56

MP-34 "Semi" conversion pictures

Suomi "Semi" conversion pictures

 Source for Blueprints

(Please note, we ship to US address's only)

Shipping/Handling Costs?
 Orders LESS than $30, Flat $10
 $30 and over, Flat $15.00


From "Customer Reviews"

The work is just fantastic! I am in awe when I open their package and saw what they do to a piece of metal!.

WOW, EXCELLENT, what a great piece of machining!!!   I showed the finished piece to my gunsmith and he was amazed of how close and professional the work dropped into the stock.  he mentioned that it will definitely speed up the finishing work and will look just great.

I got my receiver today and it has exceeded my expectations in every

FREE Shipping on orders of $400 or more.
Please Note: We can only sale and ship products to address's in the "United States of America"

When you complete checkout you will be emailed an invoice with payment instructions.

We "Only" accept Money Orders, Cashier Checks, and Personal checks mail-in payments.

(n(no "phone in" orders can be taken)

Free Sten technical information. Free Semi-Auto design drawings and plans. Download SMG receiver plans, 300 Blackout upper, 6.5 Grendel, .450 Bushmaster, PAR30 AR Platform, AR-15 uppers, RPD Re-weld fixtures, firearm building parts, firearm reproductions, RPD receivers. Please visit ", the Premier Firearm Builders Forum". weaponsguild homebuilt challenge, firearm building contest, homebuild, homebuilt challenge, firearm building challenge contest, build challenge, premier firearm forum


All ATF/NFA rules apply to purchases made from this site. 
The information/products in these web pages are not intended to be used to construct illegal firearms. 
For legal semi auto and dummy gun information, contact BATF at: